Red Gurnard, Magically Beautiful!

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Red Gurnard, Magically Beautiful!

The stunning, magical Red Gurnard!


The Red Gurnard has a bony head and a blunt snout that lacks spines. The body is covered with tiny cycloid scales. A row of enlarged scales forming thorn-like bucklers is present along the bases of both dorsal fins.

The species is red-brown to grey-brown above and pale below. The body has scattered red-brown blotches. The pectoral fins are greenish-grey with light blue spots. The margin is pale blue and there is a black blotch with white dots near the base.


It is believed that the fish will flair its brightly coloured pectoral fins as a display or to startle potential predators.YES it can be cooked and taste delicious…

YES, this Fish can be cooked and it taste delicious…

Some people are not sure how this beautiful fish can be cooked, we have you covered:
Gurnard have firm flesh that holds together well when cooking. They can be grilled or fried, however they have a very low oil content and the flesh can dry out. To combat this cook Gurnard fillets on a lower heat or using a wet method such a braising. Gurnard can be added to a soup or stew. The bones of Gurnard make good stock. Happy cooking!



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